Thursday, October 23, 2014

Introducing Molly and Reuben Apirana

Hi there,

Thank you for signing up to follow us on our adventures with Atlantic Bridge. Its great to have you along for the ride. We have had a great time so far – in Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and then traveling across to Portugal through Austria, Italy, France and Spain. Our two weeks in Portugal is nearly up and we are looking forward to heading off to the USA in just a few days. It will be sad to leave Europe behind. We have had such a great time here and enjoyed meeting so many young people across this wonderful continent.

Some of you will already know, but for others it may be a surprise…..We LOVE coffee.
While we are traveling we try to find somewhere to have a coffee and seek out the best place – the best coffee we can. Fortunately in Europe they make great expresso – the flavour is almost always good. But for us who hail from the great southern land it’s the milk that is the big issue. Long life milk just won’t cut it, and to make the best coffee the milk has to be steamed just right. Our favourite coffee back in Australia comes from The Wine Bar, a small cafĂ© on The Noosa Marina, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Its pretty hard to beat, but we found one to match it in Bergen Op Zoom in The Netherlands. Its not only about the coffee. Its about the service and the atmosphere.  The only thing missing in Bergen Op Zoom was the music. Our hang out back home has live music, which is another reason we go there. 

 We have loved traveling around Europe and meeting you all in the various schools we have visited. Coming from a multi-cultural family, with a white Australian mother and a Maori father has given us a different perspective on life and we love meeting people from different cultures and learning about their different ways of life. We thought it would be fun to make a hang out space and wondered if you would like to join us: tell us about your favourite hangouts and what you like to do there. When we are at home we go to the Wine Bar – we don’t always drink wine there but do have our favourite coffee – Reuben has a latte and Molly has a flat white. We go there to hang out with friends and listen to live music. It’s a great place and hopefully if you are visiting Queensland you will get to come there too. Mean time, maybe you could share with us your favourite place to hang out and post pictures of you and your friends there so we can all share it.
So far our favourite places are Formartines in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Crusio’s in Bergen Op Zoom. Great coffee, great atmosphere and great service just like the Wine Bar back home.

We are on tour with Atlantic Bridge, till December, joining our parents, Steve and Ainsley Apirana on a Family Tour after which we will be on our own. Atlantic Bridge plans to bring us back to Europe in the summer of 2015. They would like us to tour various countries across Europe for 12 months as part of a Circuit Riders Next Generation team. We are looking for two young people to join us on this new venture - a team leader and a team administrator/ driver.   If you are interested in being a part of this team we would love to hear from you.  More from us very soon………..


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