Saturday, December 7, 2013

The next stop of the KARAVAAN

The arrival of nine new volunteer-interns at the Vierslag center on November 1 2013 heralded in the next phase of the continuing KARAVAAN. Now that the first one of their ten month stay is past, we see that the team is so energetic and full of vision that we have called them our DREAM TEAM as they may very well be the team to make the dream of Atlantic Bridge come true.

The Dream Team is divided into three taskforce teams. The Planning Team consists of Matt, Petra and Jonas, the Promotion Team are Hadi, Astghik and Paul, and the Presentation Team is made up of Attila, Elisa and Diego.

One of these teams will be taking over this in January 2014 and start sharing their experiences on the KARAVAAN on the way to LIBEREC AND HERRNHUT. But before they do, let us give you some insight into what we are expecting durng the KARAVAAN in 2014.

1. GODSPELL. In New York preparations have started for producing the Broadway play GODSPELL. Rob Demaggio, teacher of English at Suffern High School, is forming and training a team of young people to do this. The team is expected to start their practice in April, begin performing in June and come to Europe on July 24 for a seven day performing tour in Germany and the Czech Republic ending up at the International Youth Festival in Liberec on August 3. They will also perform this play at the festival and in Herrnhut. We expect their starting point in Europe to be in Nurnberg, Germany. Check out:

2.  The HYTHA FAMILY BAND. This musical family from Phoenixville PA is making plans to join the KARAVAAN as well. They would start their European tour on July 24 in The Netherlands and travel through Germany and the Czech Republic before they join the festival on August 3.
Check out their music at:

more coming...........

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