Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Treasure of the Karavaan

It was already two months ago. Enough distance for a good evaluation.

What was the Karavaan all about? It probably has a different meaning for each and every participant. Every single one of us took a different thing back home from the Czech Republic. For the Bridgebuilders, the trip to North Bohemia was a completion of their Bridgebuilders year. For the European volunteers, the Karavaan was something we prepared and anticipated for months. Everyone had different expectations. 
There are so many things we took back home from Bohemia. All the experiences of the 11 days now are quite far away. But, looking back, the biggest treasure of the Karavaan were the people we met there. It would be impossible to really learn what each of the cities we visited are all about had it not been for the people who live in them and who were kind enough to help us understand. Without them, the Karavaan wouldn’t have had any sense. Not only were they the most hospitable hosts, but they shared with us their passion and their faith stories, we met their families, we heard about all the great things happening in their cities, but also about the not so great ones.
So many helped us discover the heritage we went to look for. So many others made our stay in the Czech Republic pleasant and fun. So many others made us want to come back.

So this was my last blog. In a few weeks another European volunteer will take over.

Klara Dujmovic,
European volunteer (EVS-er) with Atlantic Bridge 2012-2013

Next summer is a new opportunity. New European volunteers are already on their way to Kruiningen to begin preparations. So as we walk down from Mount Jested what will be waiting for us in next year's KARAVAAN.


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