Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hip Hop artist MEK has been part of the KARAVAAN from its start in Prague. As different groups were sent out to the different places, she travelled to each place and inspired the local youth and travelers with her music and presence. MEK is her nickname and stage name, her real name is Tameka. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents were drug addicts and were unable to take care of her so she was brought up by her grandmother in a strict Pentecostal setting. Her life story was different than any other one I ever heard and it’s probably the same with the other participants.

I’m not going to tell you her age because you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. Her experience as a camp counselor in a YMCA camp and a few other experiences have made her a great fit for the KARAVAAN.  In just a few days she has captured the hearts of the KARAVAAN travelers. She’s had many great performances during the last week, but she saved the best for tonight. Her concert was more energetic than ever, everyone was dancing and singing along.

Everyone now knows MEK’s favorite hip hop song NUMBER ONE . Here is the text…

Number 1

Number one, number one

Never no more stressing cause I’m keeping my blessing,
Loving you came and made a change

For the world to overcome the realness so we feel it.  And our hearts beats like a drum

Tried to erase and face existence to be done Never felt so much better until I made him number one.

Stepped out from the darkness

Now I'm free at last they often wonder why those friends are a thing of my past

Nothing's gonna stop me now I got G.O.D

Holding on strong.Loving the brand new me. 

I first hesitated but I knew I wouldn't have made it

Gave my soul up to become something greater.Look to my help

Get strength in His name It only takes once and you will never be the same

Stay focused, keep your heart open
Give it all to him it won't seem hopeless.

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