Tuesday, August 6, 2013

In Liberec!

After seven days and many cities and towns, the journey came to its end. One by one, red-faced, sweaty and exhausted, the groups started arriving in Liberec for the International Youth Festival.

The program for today consisted of check-ins and registrations, the leaders’ meeting and finally, in the evening, the start of the Festival.

Everyone was welcomed by Carla, a very nice Dutch lady who organized everything with her husband Fred. Then, each Karavaan group presented what they’ve been doing during their journey so far.

The Herrnhut group decided to tell us what they’ve been doing there and shared their fascination with Herrnhut.

The Herrnhut group

The Tachov-Most group did a funny sketch that made everyone laugh, especially the musician MEK.
Every member of the Turnov group shared a little something about the passionate people they met.
The American group from Slaný made a PowerPoint presentation, taught us a lot about the town and showed us the photos they took.

The last group which was in Žatec and Frýdlant played some videos that show the unique experience they had at the Eco-farm in Frýdlant with no electricity, no running water, no phones or any other modern technology devices.

Žatec-Frydlant group

In the end we split into smaller groups in which we will stay till the end.

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