Friday, August 2, 2013

Finally here!

After seventeen hours on the bus, we were finally in Prague where settled at a Hussite church in Moskevska street. The Hungarian group got here a bit later and we spent the evening getting to know each other.  Those of us who weren’t too tired had the opportunity to walk around Prague with my EVS colleague who’s been living here for 12 years and has a really unique insight into his city. 

Day 2

It was time for passionate people! First, we met Daniel Fajfr who is a bishop of Cirkev Bratrska church. He told us about his life, how he got involved in church life and how he decided to become a pastor at the age of 37 following the death of his friend. Even though initially turned down by the church to which he offered his ideas, after a few years he was offered a job as a pastor. Being a church person in a country with the highest percentage of non-religious people must be very challenging. But, Daniel Fajfr sees it as a great opportunity to spread his mission of sharing God.s love. The passion he feels for what he does was clearly visible and inspirational.

Prague discovery walk followed; we split into groups to visit different historic sights that shaped the city.

Ludmila, a little 86-year-old Czech lady visited us at Moskevska church in the evening to share her fascinating life story. Living in the Czech Republic during two totalitarian regimes was not easy, but she always somehow managed to stay true to herself, always advocating for the things she felt strongly about like the fight against antisemitism. The primary passion, however, was the same as Daniel Fajfr, a mission that first touched her life when Billy Graham first came to Europe. When asked what hope she has for this generation (the youngsters), she said they should live their lives to receive the Crown of Life, a crown she hopes to receive soon - and to stay strong and be the best in what they do. Wise words!

The Karavaan truly begins today with different groups following different routes through North Bohemia. More posts coming up!

Don't worry Diana, Elise is fine and having fun (but not too much fun) ;)

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