Saturday, December 3, 2016

Brigita's introduction to Atlantic Bridge

NETHERLANDS: I am Brigita, I’m an 18 year old girl who is tired from studying sciences in high school and bored of everyday life. After high school graduation, I decided to take a gap year. So here my journey begins. It's my first time being in a foreign country, away from my home town of Panevėžys in Lithuania, without any escort. It is a bit scary! My trip here took 30 hours and I had to take 2 buses (I had to change the bus!  How did I not get lost?). But God didn't leave me! I had a safe and fun journey to Holland.

I was surprised by all the narrow streets and old houses. It is like you are living in the 19th century. I came to  Kruiningen were I am living now. When I went to discover the town, I didn’t see many people, just a few. It was so strange. Also, I saw a lot of cyclists. It was even weirder to see that they were cycling without helmets and brightly coloured vests. In our country you would get a  fine immediately. Straight away  I was enthralled by the people, the friendly atmosphere and the garbage sorting as well as the environment protection. It is necessary to mention that I lived in a big city surrounded by green areas, but here in Kruiningen I don’t see a lot of trees and I already miss my city. However, I can enjoy the marvellous sight of the sea. It makes you feel like you are at home and don’t want to go back.

CZECH REPUBLIC:  Early morning we started our day trip to Czech Republic. Me, Sophie, John and the musician from the USA. The nightfall, we arrived at our destination. Together  with Sophie  I went to one English teacher ‘s home. She was so cute and open that we talked until midnight about the schools, educational systems, teachers profession. Anyhow,  I dreamed of becoming a teacher. It is interesting  to try to get everything about this specialty. Towards morning, we visited the school where this teacher is working and  gave a few lessons about Atlantic Bridge organization and our homelands. True, it was not boring, because Jason played a few songs. Thus we visited other schools. One of them was a century age old, and with its own zoo! Incomparable! The hardest task was to introduce myself and my country. The beginning is always difficult. In general, the first few weeks in the Netherlands was like a nightmare in that I couldn’t understand the  fast speaking  people . But a small step forward, and little by little it becomes clear. And so we visited religious communities as well.  All the  trip  time we was surrounded by breath-taking views.  Around the valleys, woods,  huge heaven and enormous stones. I was spellbound by the magnificent Czech mountains whose  my  homeland hasn’t got.  Also, surprised by the magnificent architecture, the flamboyance and beauty of the buildings. The most exciting  thing was to take a ride through the streets, which recalls the happy roller coaster. By the way, we not only watched the mountains through the car glass, we  climbed into one of the mountain with cab-car and '' touched '' the top :).  Among  other  things, we visited  in other type of a place, which poses painful flashbacks. Yes, it  is a concentration camp. Frightened and begin to evaluate their own lives more than anything else.( issigasti ir pradedi vertinti sava gyvybe labiau uz viska.)
GERMAN:   And here we are in Germany. It is as large as  the Czech Republic.  The  first tour in the Dresden city ... like from the music  history lessons :)  I felt I was back in the 18 or 19 century. There was  the  Antique and royal buildings in the city centre. As well as horse-drawn carriages, the churches. You can feel the royal atmosphere and the majesty in here. We were on a visit in one church and there we met a youth group. Probably in my life I have never seen more friendly youngsters. School students surprised us as well as their friendly meeting.
Even a goodbye  by musical performances!

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