Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hugs make me happy!

Hello Everyone,

I am Timea, a gypsy girl from Hungary and I will be an intern for Atlantic Bridge for almost a year. 

I arrived to the Eindhoven Airport on 30th of September at 14:40. John and Nel were waiting for me and gave me a big hug, and I forgot about my family back home for a moment. The Vierslag will be my home for the next year. I was here two years ago for short time, so I know where I was coming. 
Now I am already here for a week and I feel much peace and love and happiness. I wish I could have come sooner. People are friendly and the atmosphere makes me calm. The town of Kruiningen is so peaceful. I love it! It is familiar. People are always smiling when they look at me.I went to the Frites shop here and the lady knew that I am not Dutch because she spoke in English to me even if I had not said anything!

I am a very small gypsy girl, only 1 meter and 50 cm tall. I wear shoes of the size of a ten year old child. In my country there is much discrimination about the gypsies but I don’t feel this here, because everyone is kind to me and I already feel that I am a member of this village.

A few years ago I visited Sweden for two weeks, and people called me sunshine because I was always smiling. I hope I can bring some sunshine to Kruiningen, my new home.

A nice dentist
On Sunday I had a horrible toothache so I told to Nel what’s up and she advised me to go to the dentist. I didn’t want to go, because my experiences were really bad in Hungary. But John made me calm by saying that this man is the kindest person he knows. So we went, but during the way there, my heart wanted to jump out of my body, I was a little bit feared and very excited at the same time. We were waiting a few minutes in a small room and a lady came and called me to come where the dentist was. His voice and smile was really calming. John was right! He was kind and I’m looking forward to go back for my second visit on Monday! 

Timea from Hungary 
EVS volunteer with Atlantic Bridge

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