Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rain in Herrnhut

On Friday August 9 the festival moved to Herrnhut, just 45 minutes north of Liberec.  At 14.00 we left the festival site  in busses just as it started raining. For the next 6 hours we were going to discover a treasure hidden in a little German village  through a game called the Herrnhut Heritage Hunt.

Before we left,  the speaker of the day (Rob Demaggio) defined the word ‘mission’ and challenged us  to “make your life a mission”.    In the pouring  rain we tried to discover  the heart of Herrnhut. But some got lost, others found refuge in a café, and most of us were more concerned about what came from above than about what was under our feet. So, in retrospect, we only caught a small glimpse of the importance of this place during the HaHaHa game, as Erdmute Frank, pastor of Herrnhut, jokingly named it.
Later we heard that the special team who went to Herrnhut a week ago to prepare the game already realized it would never be possible to capture the treasure of Herrnhut in just three hours.   After the game we met at the central church for a BBQ and final meeting with Erdmute Frank and Jackie Kennedy (US coordinator of AB) who shared with us through a service of singing, a game, an evaluation and short messages.  
sculptures along the way tell the story of Herrnhut

What a tremendous learning experience it was  to even catch a glimpse of this place and what its impact has been   on the world. There is much to learn in Herrnhut and so much to be inspired by! We must come back!

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