Saturday, July 27, 2013

Through my eyes

What? What kind of title is this? What does that even mean? Well, it means that whoever will follow the Karavaan through this blog will do it from my perspective since I am the only one who will be writing the texts here. I did not come up with the idea; this is all my boss John. But, since I'm already doing reporting of the Karavaan, I thought, 'Why not!'

So, who am I? My name is Klara, I'm 23 and I am one of the European volunteers working for Atlantic Bridge this year. I love history and I've always been interested in discovering how European religious heritage influenced this continent and where we are right now. What better place to do this  than the Czech Republic? The stories in this blog will be written from the perspective of tasks and challenges we put before this Karavaan. There are a few things you will probably learn about me form these stories; I am quite sarcastic and very critical of everything, so the stories will not only bring you the atmosphere of the Karavaan but also analyze and question what was done, how and why.
This is a place for all of you who couldn't join us - I will be travelling around for you, bringing you the taste of the  Czech Republic. It is also a place or those who will be there - to see what's happening in other cities. Expect a story or two every day, plus the photos of course.

Oh yeah, one more thing; I'm from Croatia.

Only two more days...

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